will soderberg
echo storm

cdr (wrn-58x november 2oo1)


cultivated serendipity




echo storm


. . .


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© 2oo1 rezo blan roz-la all rights reserved


2 Responses to “”

  1. uforika Says:

    this was a bonus cdr which for the
    will soderberg…vs. a higher power of our understanding
    cdr (wrn-58 october 2oo1)

    there are computer sounds, some pretty severely abused files… ‘psychosynthesis’ was included on a compilation that came out of wales and has been posted online by that label… the guitars on that track were played with scissors… while running…

    there are some empty tracks (…) that separate some of the later tracks, not sure what i was thinking other than making them bonus tracks on this bonus cdr…

    320 kbps download available by clicking on either of the images in the post…

  2. uforika Says:

    7 tracks computer digitalis treatments
    1 track scissors-wielding guitar n running beats
    long amp drone piece
    field recordings and spoken word lull…
    reprice cicadas, street sounds and spoken word lulling…

    sometimes it i s nice to be surprised by something from your own archives…

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